Hot Appetizer
  • Edamame $7
  • Truffle Sea Salt Edamame $9
  • Spicy Lime Edamame $9
  • Gyoza $8

    6 pcs vegetable dumplings

  • Kaki Fries $10

    5 pcs of breaded oysters

  • Shrimp Tempura Appetizer $17

    5 pcs black tiger shrimp

  • Vege Tempura Appetizer $7

    5 pcs

  • Mixed Tempura Appetizer $13

    2 black tiger shrimp, 5vege

  • Miso Black Cod Appetizer $20

    Marinated black cod with sweet miso sauce

  • Boneless Chicken Kara Age App $15

    served with wasabi mayo

  • Yakitori $16

    2 skewers of chicken breast with veges

  • Miso Eggplant $9

    grilled eggplant slices with miso glaze

  • BBQ Kalbi Short Ribs App $20

    3 pcs

  • Agedashi $20

    Deep fried tofu, tempura sauce

  • Chicken Katsu Appetizer $13

    Breaded chicken breast with tonkatsu sauce

Cold Appetizer
  • Sushi pizza $13
  • Sashimi Salad on Nori Squares $15

    seared albacore tuna with Korean go chu jang sauce on seaweed squares

  • Sashimi Appetizer $14

    7 pcs

  • Aburi Sushi Appetizer $12

    5 pcs

  • Salmon Avocado Tower $15

    cubes of salmon and avocado in light dressing served with taro chips

  • Hamachi Carpaccio $21

    hamachi sashimi served in ponzu with truffle oil

  • Sushi Taco 2pc $12

    made with crispy wonton shells and house-made guacmole. Choose between spicy salmon, spicy crab or grilled chicken

  • Tuna Tataki $18

    lightly seared tuna served in ponzu sauce

  • Sushi Appetizer $11

    5 pcs

  • Hako Pressed Sushi From $13

    brushed with Issmi house sauce, torched

Soup & Salad
  • Miso Soup $3
  • Gyoza Soup $7

    dumpling soup

  • Green Salad $6

    with Issmi house dressing

  • Soft Tofu Salad $8

    with Issmi house dressing

  • Avocado Salad $9

    with Issmi house dressing

  • Wakame Seaweed Salad $9

    marinated seaweed with toasted sesame seeds and sesame oil

  • Spicy Sashimi Salad $16

    assorted fish with Korean go chu jang sauce and sesame oil

  • Tofu Udon In Soup $16
  • Chicken Udon In Soup $19
  • Tempura Udon In Soup $21
  • Nabeyaki Udon In Soup $24
  • Seafood Udon In Soup $24
  • Beef Udon In Soup $20
  • Chicken Yaki Udon $19

    stir fried udon noodles in sweet soy sauce

  • Beef Yaki Udon $20

    stir fried udon noodles in sweet soy sauce

  • Seafood Yaki Udon $24

    stir fried udon noodles in sweet soy sauce

  • Vegetable Yaki Udon $16

    stir fried udon noodles in sweet soy sauce

  • Green Tea Ice Cream $6
  • Mango Ice Cream $6
  • Black Sesame Ice Cream $7
  • Matcha Cheese Cake $7
  • Daifuku $5

    1 pc of traditional Japanese delicacy made of sweet red bean anko wrapped in chewy rice blanket.

  • Ice Mochi $7

    3 pcs of ice cream filled Japanese sweets

Make Your Own Lunch Combo
(served with salad, miso soup and rice)
  • Sushi Lunch From $18

    6 pcs nigiri sushi, california roll or spicy salmon roll

  • Sashimi Lunch $19

    12 pcs sashimi

  • Chicken Teriyaki Lunch $16
  • Salmon Teriyaki Lunch $17
  • Beef Teriyaki Lunch $20


  • Bulgogi Lunch $17

    thinly sliced beef marinated in ginger soy sauce

  • Tempura Lunch $16

    2 black tiger shrimp, 5 vege

  • Vege Sushi Lunch $16

    yam tempura roll, avocado + cucumber roll

  • Add tempura – 1 shrimp and 4 veges for $5.00
  • Add a roll – california roll or spicy salmon roll, or 1/2 dynamite roll for $6.00
Salad and Roll Lunch Combo
(served with miso soup)
  • Salad and Roll Lunch Combo $20

    Served with miso soup

Rice Bowls Lunch
(served with salad and miso soup)
  • Spicy Sashimi Salad Bowl $17

    Korean go chu jang sauce and greens over rice

  • Boneless Kara Age Bowl $16

    crispy boneless chicken over rice , teriyaki sauce, wasabi mayo

House Special Rolls
  • Dynamite Roll (8pcs) $12

    shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber

  • Volcano Salmon Roll (8pcs) $18

    shrimp tempura roll with torched spicy salmon on top

  • Blazing Roll (8pcs) $21

    spicy scallop, avocado, cucumber, tobiko, torched butterfish

  • Cucumber Wrap Roll (5pcs) - no rice $13

    salmon, tuna, avocado, crab, pickled ginger, tobiko wrapped in cucumber with wasabi mayo

  • Angry Roll (8pcs) $20

    spicy salmon, avocado, cucumber, with spicy scallop on top

  • Soft Shell Crab Roll (8pcs) $19

    soft shell crab, avocado and cucumber

  • Lobster Roll (5pcs) $15

    lobster tail, crab salad, avocado, cucumber, guacamole on top

  • California Sunset Roll (8pcs) $20

    deep fried california roll, spicy scallop on top, tobiko

  • Vege Dragon Roll (8pcs) $17

    yam tempura, cucumber, green bean tempura, avocado on top

  • Rice Paper Roll (8pcs) – no rice $20

    crab salad, spicy tuna, shrimp tempura, greens, wasabi mayo

  • Vege Rice Paper Roll (8pcs) - no rice $17

    yam, greens, carrots, beets, oshinko, inari, avocado, cucumber, wasabi mayo

  • Soy Paper Roll (8pcs) $17

    shrimp tempura, crab meat, avocado, cucumber, greens, tobiko wrapped in soy paper

  • Alaska Roll (8pcs) $14

    crab salad, avocado, cucumber, salmon on top

  • Rainbow Roll $16

    crab salad, avocado, cucumber, assorted fish on top

  • Futomaki (8pcs) $15

    crab, avocado, cucumber, tamago, tobiko, oshinko, inari

  • Diablo Roll (6pcs) $14

    hot peppers, avocado, spicy tuna, jalapeno peppers

  • Kamekaze Roll (6pcs) $12

    spicy tuna, tobiko, avocado

  • Philadelphia Roll (8pcs) $17

    cream cheese, avocado, cucumber, torched salmon on top

  • Tiger Roll (8pcs) $18

    deep fried scallop, salmon

  • Green Dragon Roll (8pcs) $17

    shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber with avocado on top

  • Red Dragon Roll (8pcs) $18

    shrimp tempura roll, avocado, cucumber with salmon on top

  • Tuna Dragon Roll (8pcs) $19

    shrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber with red tuna on top

  • Boston Dragon Roll (8pcs) $18

    shrimp tempura roll, avocado, cucumber with spicy crab salad on top p

  • Legend Dragon Roll (8pcs) $22

    soft shell crab roll, eel, avocado, salmon on top

  • Chicken Teriyaki Roll (8pcs) $14
  • Salmon Teriyaki Roll (8pcs) $16
  • Bulgogi Roll (5pcs) $11

    marinated beef, mixed greens

Classic Rolls
  • California Roll (6pcs) $7
  • California Hand Roll $6
  • Spicy Tuna Maki (6pcs) $10
  • Spicy Tuna Hand Roll $9
  • Spicy Salmon Maki (6pcs) $9
  • Spicy Salmon Hand Roll $8
  • Spicy Scallop Roll (6pcs) $12
  • Spicy Scallop Hand Roll $11
  • Spicy Butterfish Hand Roll $9
  • Spicy Butterfish Maki (6pcs) $10
  • Spicy Crab Salad Roll (6pcs) $10
  • Spicy Crab Salad Hand Roll $9
  • Salmon Maki (6pcs) $8
  • Salmon Hand Roll $7
  • Tuna Maki (6pcs) $6
  • Tuna Hand Roll $8
  • Salmon Tuna Roll (6pcs) $11
  • Salmon Tuna Hamnd Roll $10
  • Negi Hamachi Maki (6pcs) $11
  • Negi Hamachi Hand Roll $10
  • Unagi (BBQ eel) Maki (6pcs) $11
  • Unagi (BBQ eel) Hand Roll $10
  • Salmon Skin Maki (6pcs) $7
  • Salmon Skin Hand Roll $6
  • Salmon Avocado Roll (6pcs) $9
  • Salmon Avocado Hand Roll $8
  • Tuna Avocado Roll (6pcs) $10
  • Tuna Avocado Hand Roll $9
  • Cucumber Roll (8pcs) $6
  • Cucumber Hand Roll $5
  • Avocado Maki (6pcs) $8
  • Avocado Hand Roll $7
  • Avocado Cucumber Roll (6pcs) $7
  • Avocado Cucumber Handroll $6
  • Vegetable Maki (6pcs) $10

    avocado, cucumber, oshiko, inari

  • Vegetable Hand Roll $9
  • Yam Tempura Maki (8pcs) $8
  • Yam Tempura Hand Roll $7
  • Green Bean Tempura Maki (6pcs) $9
  • Green Bean Tempura Hand Roll $8
  • Shittake Mushroom Maki (6pcs) $9
  • Shiitake Mushroom Hand Roll $8
A La Carte
(sushi 2pcs sashimi 2pcs)
  • Sake $7


  • Maguro $8


  • BC Maguro $8

    albacore tuna

  • Sockeye Salmon $9

    Pacific Wild Salmon

  • Hamachi $9


  • Shiro Maguro $8


  • Ebi $8


  • Hokigai $8

    surf clam

  • Tako $9


  • Ika $9


  • Hotategai $10


  • Botan Ebi $14

    sweet shrimp

  • Kani $7

    crab meat

  • Saba $9


  • Tobiko $9

    flying fish roe

  • Tobiko with quail egg $10
  • Ikura $10

    salmon roe

  • Ikura with quail egg $11
  • Unagi $9

    barbequed eel

  • Tamago $7


  • Inari $7

    tofu pocket

  • Uni $14

    sea urchin

  • Triple Roe Scallop $14

    uni, scallop, ikura, tobiko 1pc

Sushi & Sashimi Set
(served with miso soup)
  • Issmi Special Sushi $36

    14 chef’s selection nigiri sushi

  • Matsu Sushi $25

    10 nigiri sushi, 5 pcs dynamite roll make it aburi sushi + $2.00

  • Take Sushi $23

    8 nigiri sushi, 5 pcs dynamite roll make it aburi sushi + $2.00

  • Sushi Boat For 2 $46

    green dragon roll, spicy salmon roll, 16 nigiri sushi

  • Sashimi Moriawase $28

    15 pieces sashimi, rice

  • Sashimi Boat For 2 $49

    30 pieces sashimi, 2 rice

  • Sushi + Sashimi Set $28

    7 nigiri sushi, 8 pcs sashimi

  • Sushi + Sashimi + Roll Set $24

    5 pcs dynamite roll, 4 nigiri sushi, 5 pcs sashimi

  • Maki Sushi Combo $22

    california roll, spicy salmon roll, 5 pcs dynamite roll

  • Vegetarian Combo $20

    yam tempura roll, avocado + cucumber roll, inari sushi

  • Chirashi Sushi $28

    assorted sashimi on sushi rice

  • Chirashi Deluxe $36

    chef’s selection assorted sashimi on sushi rice

Dinner Entree
(small salad, miso soup and rice served with all entrees )
  • Chicken Teriyaki Dinner $24

    with chicken breast

  • Beef Teriyaki Dinner $29

    grilled striploin

  • Tofu Teriyaki Dinner $20

    steamed or fried

  • Salmon Teriyaki Dinner $26

  • Kalbi BBQ Short Ribs Dinner $33

    grilled Korean beef short rib, marinated in fruity soy sauce for 48 hours

  • Bulgogi Dinner $24

    thinly sliced beef, marinated in ginger soy sauce

  • Unagi Donburi $27

    barbecued eel on rice, sweet soy-based sauce

  • Niku Donburi $24

    beef and vegetables cooked with eggs on rice

  • Oyako Donburi $23

    chicken breast and vegetables cooked with eggs on rice

  • Tempura Moriawase $24

    5 black tiger shrimp and 5 vegetables

  • Chicken Katsu $24

    breaded chicken breast, deep fried

Dinner Bento
(avocado salad, miso soup and rice served with all bentos )
  • Sashimi and Tempura Bento $31

    7 pcs sashimi, california roll or spicy salmon roll, shrimp and vegetable tempura

  • Sushi and Tempura Bento $31

    6 pcs nigiri sushi, california roll or spicy salmon roll, shrimp and vegetable tempura

  • Teriyaki and Tempura Bento $31

    chicken or salmon teriyaki, california roll or spicy salmon roll, shrimp and vegetable tempura

  • Tofu and Tempura Bento $27

    steamed or fried tofu teriyaki, yam roll, inari sushi and vegetable tempura

Sushi Platters
(No substitutions please)
  • Sushi and Roll Platters From $68
  • Roll Platters From $62
  • Sushi, Sashimi, Roll Platters From $75
  • Vegeterian Platters* $50


* Platters are for take-out purposes only.
Alcoholic Beverages
  • KIKUSUI FUNAGUCHI Nama Genshu Shibori Sake $20

    Fresh, not pasteurized or diluted. A true draft sake. Kikusui's innovative Funaguchi can ensures its fresh draft taste which has made it the #1 selling draft Sake in Japan since its creation in 1972. Volume: 200ml Alc/vol: 19.0%

  • KOME Dry Honjozo Sake $22

    Full-bodied and extremely drinkable. Clean and well-balanced on the palate with rich flavors of clementine and passion fruit. Volume: 180ml Alc/vol: 15.0%

  • Dewazakura Ginjoi Sake $25

    Floral aroma and a touch of melon, followed by a slight sweetness on the palate. Issmi’s favourite! Volume: 180ml Alc/vol: 16.0%

  • OTOKOYAMA Junmai Tokubetsu Dry Sake $80

    Very dry sake with sharp and full-bodied taste. Quiet grain-like aroma with a hit of fruity nose. Refreshing lightness with vivid acidity. Volume: 500ml Alc/vol: 16.5%

  • Masumi Hiyaoroshi "Sleeping Beauty" Junmai Ginjo $25

    Fresh young fruit aromas soar above the acidity, sweetness & savory finish of a matured junmai ginjo. 720ml 15% Al/vol

  • Nanbu Bijin Junmai Daiginjo Black Label $388

    720ml 16.5% Alc/Vol One of the best sake from Nanbu Bijin, featuring a gorgeous aroma of fresh and juicy orange, melon, pear and zesty pineapple. Selected as the sake serving for the first class passengers of Japan Air Line.

  • TAKARA Plum Wine $52

    Made with premium white wine, this plum wine delivers a rich, resonant sweetness that shows fresh, definitively tart plum flavors. Sweet aperitif with bold plum flavor. Rich, lingering finish. Volume: 750ml Alc/vol: 12.0%

  • Dewanosato Junmai Sake $84

    Crisp, clear and full of flavor. A youthful, dry style sake with umami notes on the note. Fresh green apples and spice with a rich soft moth feel and good balance. 720ml 15.5% Alc/Vol

  • Hakutsuru SAYURI Nigori $23

    Hints of white grape and elements of cherry blossom tie in seamlessly to create a lush, creamy sake with a deliciously smooth finish. Volume: 300ml Alc/vol: 12.5%

  • DEWAZAKURA Omachi Junmai Ginjo $120

    Beautiful aromas of honey, flower, steamed rice and lemon peel. Deep, rich, round, expressive yet balanced. Volume: 720ml Alc/vol: 16.0%


    Fruity yet dry in a classic Japanese style. Aromas of sweet rice, nuts and barely ripe pear, with green melon, young coconut and light cream on the palate. Vibrant, light, fresh, and smooth. Volume: 300ml Alc/vol: 14.0%

  • Wakatake Onikoroshi Junami Ginjo Black label $110

    Light, smooth, and rich. Very clean, watermelon on the nose, round and quite impressive in the mouth. 720ml 16% Alc/Vol

  • Hakusuru SHO-UNE Jumai Dai Ginjo $30

    This velvety smooth sake has fruity aromas and can be enjoyed chilled or at room temperature. Pair with rich and salty dishes. Volume: 300ml Alc/vol: 15.5%

  • WAKATAKE ONIKORISH Junmai Ginjo $39

    Delicate, light and smooth in character. Its overall impression is very modest with hints of subtle fruit flavours and refreshing sweet aromas. Volume: 300ml Alc/vol: 16.0%

  • Ozeki Karatamba Honjozo Sake $33

    Full-bodied,, rich taste that feels smooth on the palate. Food pairing: spicy dishes, grilled salmon, fried food 300ml 15.4% Alc/Vol

  • Adatara Ginjo 720 $90

    Ginjo sake is known for its complexity, depth, range of interesting and diverse flavours and above all, its balance between acidity and sweetness. 720ml, 18% Alc

  • Yoshi No Gawa Gokujo Ginjo $108

    Very dry. Aromatic profile of apples, orange blossoms and anise, this sake delivers a smooth freshness. This soft acid structure and flavours of nectarine and fennel lend to a clean palate and long herbaceous finish. 720ml 15.5% Alc/Vol

  • Masumi Kuro Black Junmai Ginjo $33

    300ml 15% Alc/Vol Delicate aromas of apple and banana, followed by a savoury character that brings out the best in the food before finishing dry.

  • Ichinokura Extra Dry Honjozo Sake $60

    Very dry sake. Refreshing and gentle aroma. Extra dry taste with pleasant bitterness. Smooth palate and clear finish. Serve chilled or warm. Volume: 720ml Alc/vol: 15.5%

  • SHICHIDA Junmai Premium Sake $70

    This sake has a calming, sweet aroma, reminiscent of honey, as well as refreshing aroma of green apple. Volume: 720ml Alc/vol: 17.0%

  • HONJIKOMI Urakasumi Honjozo Sake $80

    Fruity and smooth all way through to finish. Good middle weight gives excellent structure to this bright and round profile, and complete with a clean refreshing finish. Volume: 720ml Alc/vol: 15.0%

  • TAMANOHIKARI Omachi Junmai Daiginjo Sake $120

    The nose, like its name, is indeed brilliant, filled with all sorts of peach, apple and pear scents. Omachi rice yields deep and rich flavors and this does not disappoint; you'll taste nuts and bananas to pears and cooked coconut meat. Volume: 720ml Alc/vol: 16.2%

  • Yuzu-Lime Sake Collins $56

    Crafted with fresh Izumi draft sake, Japanese yuzu juice, and lime juice, this is zippy, tangy and quite lovely. It has a cloudy appearance and is simply over owing with lime, lemon and grapefruit tones. A refreshing and bright sipper. Volume: 750ml Alc/vol: 7.0%

  • Masumi Shiro White Junmai Ginjo $75

    with the fruitiness and delicacy of a good junmai ginjo yet is soft & light enough to enjoy every day. Mild and showing lovely citric characteristics. 720ml / 12%Alc / SMV:-30


    100% localj yuzu citrus. Refreshing natural acid & sweetness from citrus. No artificial flavour, colour or seasoning added 300ml / 7%Alc

  • MOMOKAWA Diamond Junmai Ginjo Sake $55

    A well balanced classic sake, offdry, well structured with aspects of ripened cantaloupe and light honey. A lovely hint of spice and mineral rounds out this easy sipper. Volume: 750ml Alc/vol: 14.8%

  • YOSHI NO GAWA Daiginjo $260

    The amazing complexity and well balanced structure of this ultra premium sake is owed to a unique 3 year cellaring in sub-zero temperatures. Fresh melons and lush fruit lead to a delightfully rich finish. Volume: 720ml Alc/vol: 16.0%

  • Hakutsuru TANREI $18

    Using the finest rice and pure natural spring water from Mount Rokko, it is fermented with Hakutsuru’s unique technique, “Keikai-tsukuri”. It is characterized by its smooth and semi-dry taste. Volume: 180ml Alc/vol: 13.5%

  • Masumi Yawaraka Type-1 Junmai sake $65

    Soft and gentle. Fruit blend fragrance, light mouth-feel with rounded plum accents building from cup to cup. Volume: 720ml Alc/vol: 12.5%

  • Yoshi Toji NO Banshaku Honjozo sake $70

    This versatile sake can be enjoyed chilled or heated. Smooth and clean finish. Volume: 720ml Alc/vol: 15.5%

  • KUBOTA Senju Ginjo sake $80

    Using the finest rice and pure natural spring water from Mount Rokko, it is fermented with Hakutsuru’s unique technique, “Keikai-tsukuri”. It is characterized by its smooth and semi-dry taste. Volume: 180ml Alc/vol: 13.5%

  • Mezzacorona Pinot Grigio, Italy $42

    White wine, 750ml

  • Oyster Bay Sauvignon Blanc, New Zealand $56

    White wine, 750ml

  • Kendall-Jackson Vinter's Reserve, Chardonnay, California $60

    White wine, 750ml

  • Fat Bastard Cabernet Sauvignon Pays D'OC, France $42

    Red wine, 750ml

  • Georges Duboeuf Beaujolais AOC, France $40

    Red wine, 750ml

  • Peppoli, Chianti Classico, Italy $40

    Red wine, 750ml

  • Kim Crawford Pinot Noir, New Zealand $62

    Red wine, 750ml

  • Sapporo Beer $13


  • Asahi Beer $12


  • Hitachino Dai Dai Ale $11.5

    330ml 7% Alc/Vol

  • Hitachino Lager $11.5

    330ml 5.5% Alc/Vol

  • Coke $3
  • Diet Coke $3
  • Sprite $3
  • Ginger Ale $3
  • Nestea $3
  • Ramuné $5

    Japanese carbonated soft drink

  • Japanese Jasmine Tea $5


  • Japanese Green Tea $5


  • Perrier $4


  • Evian $4


  • Tropicana Apple juice $4


  • Tropicana Orange Juice $4